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We are going to post an other article about text messages scam that want to make you think they are from Amazon in a few hours, but this post is simply to show you how people are becoming more and more suspicious when they receive a text from an unknown source (even when it says “Amazon Driver Chat” in it).

I was on Reddit a few days ago and saw a post from a user concerning a text message he got directly from his Amazon driver, he was suspicious and didn’t click the link and thought it was a scam. Good for him to be aware and careful, but in this instance, the text message was legit. 

The text message was simple: “Amazon Driver Chat: This is a message from your Amazon delivery driver. Tap here to reply: etc….” To be honest, I would have done the same thing and I would have deleted the text message right away, but if you pay attention, the domain name here is “”, and that domain was registered by Amazon Technologies, Inc. on 04/26/2010 already. So we can definitely assume that it is legit

I think it’s great that driver can communicate with clients directly, but I think it would be safer to do it directly from the app. Warn the customer to have notifications ON for the app, and if there is a delivery alert, it goes through it directly. 

This message might be legit, and you would click on it, but what if, a week later, out of the blue, you get an other similar message, with an other shortlink, fake this time and you click on it as well. 

One think that I suggest our clients, is to make sure to don’t use their phones when they wake up, it’s the worst time to do a mistake. You are still asleep and clicking left and right and sadly, it make for a perfect opportunity for scammers. 

As always, if you have questions concerning Online Scams, feel free to visit “Is this a Scam?” and send us an email.

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