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The internet is not the safe space that most people take it for being. Many users employ the curtain provided by their computer screen to conceal their true identity and portray the image of a person who they need to be in order to lure, scan or manipulate whoever they want.

While this may seem a bit extreme, it is the reality for many people when it comes to online dating. Catfish: The TV Show has had a successful 8 seasons running because of this very issue. So, while it is valid to be shy and not want to appear on a video call, or to have poor-quality devices with blurry imaging, it’s important to also have peace of mind and find out if the person who someone is telling you they are is the truth, or if you are getting catfished.

When to Consider Running a True Identity Check on Someone Else

Perhaps you met someone on Tinder, Bumble, or one of the many popular online dating platforms available, but although the ‘feeling’ is there, some things just don’t add up. Unfortunately, one of the downfalls of online dating is that although it provides more opportunities to meet people, due to the anonymity provided by a computer screen, users find it increasingly easy to create a deceitful persona to attract a person.

And, though it could be something harmless, it’s still best to know who you’re talking to – especially when long-distance comes into play, or other unexpected circumstances occur, such as a world pandemic.

Considering checking a person’s true identity is not a bad idea when:
  • You have mixed feelings about meeting your significant other in person.
  • There is uncertainty about the other person’s true feelings and intentions.
  • Your significant other is not very open about their past or private life.
  • You’ve caught them lying or telling you elaborate stories about why they can’t meet up.
  • You are being asked for money, or the exchange of money has happened previous to meeting in person.
  • You suspect your significant other may not be truthful about their current relationship status.
  • The person you met online doesn’t seem to be active on social media or their social media profiles don’t have real friends or family on their friend list.
  • Your significant other keeps making excuses to meet up, although you’ve known each other for a long time.

If one or more of the points mentioned above sounds familiar with what you’re going through, it’s best to think about going through with a True Identity Check.

What is a True Identity Check?

While you can do your own research through a search engine, you will only find whatever a person wants you to find. Anyone could go through the trouble of creating fake social media profiles, showing you whatever they want you to see in order to gain your trust.

True Identity Check, is a service provided by ACM Investigations for those who are out there venturing into the online dating world. In order to provide you with the peace of mind that you need and deserve, one of our private investigators will hold an investigation based on the information that our clients are able to provide. Using that as a reference, our investigators will create a one-page report about that person’s true identity, without violating their personal information or sharing it.

True Identity Check by ACM Investigations is not an automated service, it is an investigation held by a private investigator. So, unlike other reports you may find online, your report will have the human touch and not just data.

The aim of the True Identity Check is to keep you safe from deceitful individuals or from being the target of potential fraud or scams. So if you suspect you may be in a situation where you may need to find out more about a person’s true identity, ACM Investigations can help and step in as the real-life Catfish investigators you need, without the necessity for you to go on a reality TV show.

To learn more about the True Identity Check service offered by ACM Investigations take a look at our services, where you can find out the cost and more details of this service.

Stay safe!

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