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Yes, we can. We actually provide two different services for that and we will explain you below the difference between them. With the right tools, it can be easy to find out if someone is real online. If you are dating someone and have some doubts about if yes or no, that person is real, we can help you. If you are doing some business online (marketplace or anything consumer to consumer sales) we can also help you pretty easily.

Most of the time, we get contacted by people wanting to make sure they are not getting scammed, or by family members worrying about someone dating or in a long distance relationship and wanting to make sure the other party is really who they say they are.

Find out if someone is real online with our online services.

For our Dating Identity Check, the process is pretty simple, we collect the information that you have, it can be a picture, names, phone numbers, emails, date of birth, location, or any other type of information. We then check our databases with the information provided to see if we have a match. If we do, we confirm that the information you have are correct. If we don’t have a match, or if something is suspicious, we let you know what doesn’t match, and we definitely warn you about the high risk of scam.

The same goes for buying or selling something online, sometimes, you want to make sure that the buyer or seller is real and really who they said they are. You won’t do that for a low cost item that you’re buying or selling, but if your item is over a thousand dollars, and if you have a doubt, it can be smart to do a Seller /¬†Buyer Identity Verification. We will see if the information match our databases, if yes, you are good to go and if not, we will tell you what didn’t match and warn you accordingly.

One of the biggest risk right now, when dating online, is that, with a few nice pictures, some people who might be lonely might fall in love relatively quick. The scammers are professional in what they do, and can spend weeks, months or even years working up with their victims. One excuse they use often, as a reason to don’t do phone calls, or video chat is that they are working overseas, or on military bases and are not allowed to do so. They will always find an excuse and it is up to you to be vigilant.

Most of the time, if they use a fake US Army profile, they will use the same last name as shown on the uniform and build a story from there. This is why, with our Dating Identity Check, and the information you can collect from your online companion (or scammer), we will be able to tell you what is legit and what is not.

We did post a few weeks ago an article about Brad Robinson US Army, and how is identity and profile has been used thousand of times to scam people on dating websites.

As always, we are not pushing you to use our services, if you just want to ask a question, we are more than happy to help as much as we can and make sure you are safe, and maybe, help you learn something new.

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