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Child Custody: The Role of a Private Investigator

All legal cases are sensitive, however, when it comes to child custody, parents do anything in their power to win the case whether it’s the best thing for a child or not. In order to get the upper hand, private investigators take an important role collecting evidence to sway the case more towards one direction, helping a parent prove the necessary claims to obtain custody successfully. 

Assets Provided by PIs in a Child Custody Case

Oftentimes people take it into their own hands to try to take on their own investigations. What many don’t know is that if the evidence is obtained or collected erroneously, not only would the evidence be inadmissible in a court of law, but it could also result in legal action by those involved. 

To avoid falling into deeper trouble while trying to gain way on a child custody case, it’s better to leave this part to a professional investigator who has the necessary credentials, knowledge, and expertise to do a thorough investigation that will be valid in court. 

Furthermore, private investigators collect evidence by different means, which you may not be able to do. Some of the things private investigators do to collect evidence are:

  1. Run a Background Check
    Private investigators have a way of running a legal and reliable background check on people. Background checks give direct clues of a person’s behavior, troubled past or even a clear record: all of which would count as definitive reasons to push a judge towards letting a parent have custody.
  2. Interview Witnesses
    Most people believe that it’s not necessary to interview witnesses unless there are signs of child abuse against the minor, however, witnesses that are involved in the child’s life provide a wide scope about how the minor would have a better life. A witness can be anything from a family member to a teacher, who is familiar with the child’s behavior and family environment.
  3. Search of Hidden Assets
    Child custody cases are not only to decide a parent’s living or visitation rights with a child, but also to determine how much financial obligation a parent will have to meet. To pay as little as possible for a child’s financial care, people hide their assets to argue that they are not financially stable enough to provide for their children or to pay just a fraction. Private investigators are able to find hidden assets that will help prove your case, which is something that a common mortal would not be able to do otherwise.
  4. Evidence Gathering
    Even though it may seem like any type of information is valuable, that’s not necessarily right as not all evidence is relevant to a case. Prior to beginning an investigation, a private investigator will meet with a client to get a general idea of what the client is trying to achieve so that only relevant information is brought forth in court.

The Safest Bet in a Custody Battle

In order to safeguard a child’s integrity and well-being, it’s always best to not gamble with trying to do such an important task of doing an investigation when there are already so many other things to worry about during a legal dispute. 

Hiring a private investigator will always be more efficient, safer, and smarter than trying to do things alone. It could make the difference between a child’s happiness and positive development, as well as allowing for the wrong parent to gain custody by a means of false claims. So, when it comes to child custody, consider the role that an experienced private investigator will play in your custody battle. 

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