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Code of Ethics Private Investigators

Code of Ethics

ACM Investigations’ Code of Ethics is meant to portray the organization’s values that must be enforced by all of our private investigators.

  1. Render Professional Conduct During Work Proceedings
    While dealing with clients, ACM private investigators must behave in a professional manner portraying honesty, integrity, fidelity, morality, and good conscience.
  2. One Must Protect a Client’s Confidentiality
    Except on occasions when a client’s interest goes against law proceedings, one must always safeguard a client’s confidentiality under all circumstances, from the media, third parties, or else.
  3. All Investigations Must be Conducted Within Bounds of Legality
    Investigators must comply with the law and jurisdiction of a town, city, county, or state where an investigation is being held, and ensure all investigations abide by the law.
  4. Refuse Illegal Methods of Wiretapping
    As a means of cooperation with international authority, all investigators must refuse to work with methods of wiretapping in geographic locations where it is unlawful.
  5. Cooperate with Recognized Law Enforcement and Government Agencies
    In order to maintain investigation findings within the realm of the corresponding jurisdiction, investigators must cooperate with law enforcement authorities and government agencies as it is necessary.
  6. To Advice Against Illegal or Unethical Courses of Action
    Although a client may request it, ACM investigators must counsel clients against taking an illegal route or unethical course of action to obtain information for their investigation.
  7. Explain Corresponding Fees and Charges
    Prior to starting an investigation, all client fees and charges related to a case must be discussed and issued in a factual report.
  8. Safeguard One’s Reputation
    To continue a professional career in good standing, investigators must work towards maintaining their own professional reputations in good standing, along with that of the agency’s and fellow investigators and professional associates.
  9. Adherence to the Code of Ethics
    To maintain the organization’s values in good health, ACM commits to ensuring all employees uphold the rules aforementioned in this Code of Ethics.


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