ACM Investigations LLC

Company Overview

ACM Investigations LLC is a privately owned company that was founded by Alexandre C. Matti in Sioux Falls, South Dakota back in September 2018. Since 2021, we also provide our full services to the Great State of Georgia with our new location in Jasper (One hour north of Atlanta).

Our goal is to provide high-end quality investigation, and surveillance services to the residents of Georgia and South Dakota as well as providing Online Services worldwide.

Our Firm specializes in Online Scams and Fraud investigations as well as Identity Verification for Online marketplaces and Online Dating websites. You can find more about our services by visiting our Services Page. Workers’ Comp Fraud Surveillance, Covert Surveillance, Infidelity Surveillance are also services that we provide to our clients in the State of Georgia and to our past and current clients in South Dakota.

ACM Investigations LLC focus since 2022 on Online Scams and Fraud investigations. We are only providing surveillance in the State of Georgia and to our past and current clients in South Dakota. 

How we do business

Our reputation is important for us, this is why we make sure to follow those simple rules:

  • Fair and Clear Prices of our Services.
  • Open communication with our clients and partners.
  • Integrity in our work ethic from A to Z.
  • Judgment Free, we did see a lot and we don’t want our clients to worry about their cases, questions or concerns.
  • We are available to you. By email or phone, you can join us all year long. You will get a response within a few hours.

How we work

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