Am I getting a fair and honest quote?

Hiring a private investigator is not an easy task. First you need to make sure of his legitimacy, then you need to open up about intimate details to a bunch of complete strangers, and lastly, you will receive a quote that may or may not be what you were expecting.

A quite common unethical practice is to low ball a quote or estimate to get you to sign a retainer agreement.

Once this is signed, and the funds are transferred to the PI firm, the “Unethical Investigator” will request more funds to be transferred to continue the case (usually due to no pertinent activities during the few hours requested in the quote). If you don’t pay, your case will then be closed, and you will receive the little bit, and incomplete information you requested, or the firm may not share any information with you (until you pay more).

Yes, some firms actually do that, but not to worry. Here at ACM Investigations LLC, we will always provide you with a fair and honest quote or estimate.

In the event that we get the requested information faster than we estimated, you will be fully reimbursed all of the funding that we didn’t use for our investigation.

Our goal here is to get new clients using fair and ethical business practices while keeping our clients updated on the case through our dedication to transparency. We want to establish a relationship of trust and respect with our partners and clients.

Remember, when asking for a quote or estimate, you must give as many details as you can, this way, the professional investigator will be able to provide you with a correct quote or estimate.

As always, feel free to contact us to ask any question you may have. Our team is always available and standing by to assist you.

Here at ACM Investigations LLC, we will always provide you with a fair and honest quote or estimate.

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After dating a girl online for over 4 months, and having some plans to meet (I live in an other state), she was starting to ask for more and more money. I contacted acm investigations to verify her identity, and after a few days, got my answer. I was getting scammed. I’m glad I used them before wasting more money on her. Very friendly and professional investigator.

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