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This post is just to set a warning and a little reminder concerning the sadly famous Online Dating Scams using pictures of Brad Robinson US Army.  We got recently a few emails from clients that wanted to make sure they are not getting scammed. 

Unfortunately for them, they were. Both of them were involved in daily conversation with “Scott” for one, and “Charles” for the second. It was two scammers using the photos of a real man. Brad Robinson, very present on social media as a Fitness Trainer. 

If you are visiting this page, looking for answer because you are currently talking with a “Josh”, “David” or any other kind of fake Brad Robinson US Army, please STOP ALL COMMUNICATIONS. IT IS A CATFISH / DATING SCAM. We tell that to all our clients, don’t even try to get an answer or understand why. Just stop all communications, take a break and move on with time and life. 

If you’re feeling down or naive, please don’t. They are professional scammers that know exactly what they are doing. You are a victim. 

We just wanted to post about it as it was a bit strange for us to get two clients talking about the same case during the same week.

We provide two services concerning Scams or Online Dating, the first one, “Dating Identity Check” will help you making sure you’re talking with the real person and the second one “Is this a Scam?” is having us on your side in case you encounter a scam and want to learn more about it or if you’re not sure what is going on. 

As a reminder too, please don’t contact the real Brad Robinson. He don’t know you, he is living his life and don’t have anything to do with all those scams. 

As usual, if you have any questions, feel free to send us an email or a phone call.

If you want to learn more about scams and to be able to contact us at any time and asking us all the questions you may have about scams, sign up to our service “Is This a Scam?“, cost is $89 for a lifetime use and we will be on your side to answer all your questions.

Are you a scam victim of a fake Brad Robinson US Army?

Fill this form below and we will get back to you within 24 hours. During this time, make sure to stop communication with the scammers and DO NOT send any money or gift cards. Thank you.

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