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This post is just to warn you of a new Metamask Scam that is going on right now by email. I’ve got one a few days ago and a client got on earlier today as well. I’ve been using Metamask a few times during the past year when “investing” in crypto so I was aware of them and at first, I, thought the email was legit (for a seconds only!) They want you to “complete the merge” and of course, to connect your actual wallet to their fake platform to be able to withdraw your crypto assets.

The mail goes like this:

New Notice!

Dear, Attention! Your wallet have failed to complete the new Ethereal update Due to the hight pressure on our network. We require all users to integrate manually before October 05, 2022.

What if I don’t complete the merge manually?

We require all clients to verify their wallets to continue using our service. If you don’t finish this step, you will lose all your assets.

As you can see, as you soon as you start reading it, you know it’s a scam. The sender email address is also from a random Gmail account. The email I got from them was in my SPAM box automatically, but our client got it in his inbox directly. He was smart enough to ask us first to make sure if it was a scam or legit.

Like we said, they just want to have access to your wallet. And they know, a lot of new crypto users are not fully aware of how it works at all, so they can be very easy targets.

If you’re getting an email like this (Metamask Scam) or anything else, even from Robinhood, the safest thing to do is to go directly on the official website (DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINKS IN THE EMAIL) and check by yourself if you have a request on their website or app directly.

If you’re interested in learning more about scams, you can visit our Latest News page (and add us to your favorite) or you can check our “Is this a Scam?” Service, if you want our assistance.

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