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Today we are going to talk a little bit of the wrong number scam text message. If you’re a nice person, you can fall for it pretty easily. 

I got one this evening, while driving, and thought to myself, hum… Is it my golf teacher or just a scammer? (I wasn’t sure of her name anymore actually). The text was like this: “Hi, I’m Evelyn, are you the riding instructor that Monica introduced to me?” Like you can see, nothing to do with my golf teacher, but I had a little doubt for a second. I did double check when I got to the office and it was of course, a VOIP number, so 99.99% of a scam.

There is no link to click, no photo, nothing dangerous in this text message. So you can think it won’t arm you if you just respond “Sorry, wrong number”. But by doing so, you are informing the scammers of two things, first, this number is real and active, second, you failed and responded to an unknown number.

What might happen next, we never know if we don’t try, but mostly, they will write back, “Oh sorry, wrong number, but I’m Evelyn, how are you?” and continue to have an innocent conversation, maybe sending a few pictures and keep going until they can start talking about investment (mostly crypto with high returns) or anything else.

The best course of action, as usual, is to not respond and delete that text message directly. 

If you are getting text messages like this and want to make sure they are scams, you can visit “Is this a Scam?” and contact us, we will help you free of charge. 

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