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The Zelle Business Account Scam is getting more and more popular as small transaction between individuals are expending online. We will explain you how it works and what you have to look for to protect yourself against scammers using Zelle.

You are selling an item online (Facebook Marketplace or similar), the buyer (scammer) want to pay using Zelle, you agree and give them your phone number. Unfortunately, he will tell you that he tried but it didn’t work, he will need your email address to make the payment. (he never tried, it’s all part of the scam), you then give him the email address associated with your Zelle account and….. You are getting an email from the fake Zelle telling you to upgrade to a Zelle Business Account if you want to receive the payment.

  • Unfortunately, we’re unable to credit your funds ($200.00USD) into your account now due to the status of your account is not a business user which makes this amount be above your limit.This may also not appear on your pending activities until you upgrade.

All this is 100% FAKE and it is a SCAM. I want to make it clear before we continue, as if you got an email like this (maybe different wording, but you get the idea) it is a SCAM 100%. Zelle doesn’t work like this and there is no Zelle Business Account as the main goal of Zelle it to simplify small transactions between friends and family.

So, to get back to that email, as you can see, and as it is often the case with online scams, they show you the carrot (You will get $200 if you follow those simple steps) and they also tell you that the transaction may not appear on your pending activities until you upgrade. They know you are smart and you are going to check your bank account to see if you got the money or if it is pending. 

What they will ask you next, is to send some funds to the buyer account (can be $50 or $200 or whatever) to upgrade to a Zelle Business Account. Of course the only thing you are doing, is sending money to the scammer.

One simple rule to follow, is that you NEVER have to send money to receive money while doing a transaction online. Otherwise it is a scam. Zelle, Venmo, Cash App are made to facilitate small transactions between individuals.

If you are getting emails like this, just stop all communications with the scammers, do not waste your time with them, and simply report the account. Also, make sure to always check the email address when receiving mail.

If you want to learn more about Scams, feel free to visit our page “Is this a Scam?” or if you want to start a fraud investigation, just let us know and we will be glad to help.

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