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Background Check

Background Check

You need to do a background check on someone but don’t know where to start? We can help. There is a lot of reasons for the need of a background check on an individual. You might want to hire someone and want to make sure they have a clean past, or you want to get a roommate and want to make sure they don’t have bad history on their records, or even, you just want to make sure that perfect son in law is really as perfect as his try to show. We can help for all of those cases and more.

There is no magic formula for a background check, some people have a simple and easy life (really they do!), maybe moved once in their lifetime, never committed a crime, not even a speeding ticket and are truly clear. You will only get charged the bare minimum for someone like that. (the lowest cost is $179). On the other hand, if our subject did move 20 times between states (and maybe outside the country), have some little criminal record showing online, it would definitely be a red flag to us, and this mean we will have to check court records in all those places (some provide online access, some don’t) and guess what? This cost money. So price can jump pretty fast depending the subject. We won’t know that until we start the background check. The good thing, we will let you know! Maybe you don’t want to know everything, but just wanted to see the red flags? Fine for us.

You might think you can go on, pay $1 and have all the information you need. Think again! Databases are only one tiny part of our job. And not all the information you find online on those cheap websites are accurate and up to date. We use databases only accessible by licensed professionals and even us are still required to double check to make sure the informations are correct!

Each subject have a unique path of life, so each background check will be different. Some might cost as low as $179 and some might touch in the thousands. (If you need to get all the details!). We will let you know ahead of time in both situations.

Some reasons for a check.

Just a sample of a few reasons for doing a background check.  Let us know your reason and let’s work together.

What's in a background check?

A few examples of what you might get in a background check:

  • Address history; Previous names; Date of birth.
  • Actual and previous employment, Professional licenses.
  • Businesses they are affiliated with.
  • Assets (Real estate, Vehicles, Boats, Aircrafts and more).
  • SSN (We don’t disclose that information 95% of the time).
  • Partners (Spouse or others) and other people associated.
  • And more…

Questions you might have

The minimum price for a background check with ACM investigations LLC is $179. You will receive the initial check and our notes related to it. If that is enough for you we can stop there. If you want to dig deeper (if there is criminal records to find out etc.) prices will go up from there. Cost is $79 / hour.

It can be a few hours to a few days or weeks. Depending on the history of the subject. For simple case, just a few hours are needed.

We are going to be honest here. No. You won’t. Some people can be bad and very good at hiding it. Some people didn’t get caught etc. Background checks only show that is known by the justice. If there is a pending case or if that person just committed a crime, it maybe won’t show on the database. Don’t trust people who tell you that you will get ALL the information, it’s simply not possible. But we will get you the most we can find.

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