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Dating Identity Check

Dating Identity Check

If you’re dating online and using services like Tinder, Hinge, Bumble or others, you probably know that, after swiping a few times you will probably start talking with some strangers. If you’re lucky, it goes well and you want to go to the next stage. 

Our Dating Identity Check is the perfect service for you if you want to verify the information that your current date is sharing with you. With Dating Identity Check, we won’t provide you with any additional personal information, we are just going to confirm if yes or no, the information you have are correct. 

It’s easy to tell anything online, easy to play games and act like you are someone you’re not. With our Dating Identity Check, we are going to tell you if yes, John Doe is really John Doe and if some other information are accurate as well. This, only to provide you additional peace of mind and comfort in your dating journey. 

The cost for this service is only $59. You will then receive a form to fill up with the information you know on your date and we will send you an updated form and a “scammer” score as well (from 0 to 100 points) depending on how many information are accurate or not.

The turnaround for this service is a few hours most of the time. We would suggest you to don’t wait to long until verifying the information to make sure you are really talking to the right person on the other side of your screen. 

As always, if you have any doubts or concerns, feel free to send us an email and we will get back to you.

Around 15% of online dating profiles are fakes — catfishers and scammers who want to trick you into giving them money, goods, or sex.

Interested? Fill the Dating Identity Check form below.

    Most common scams on dating apps.

    There is a lot more scams on the market, and the list will keep growing, but those are the most popular.

    Reasons to check identity

    It is sometimes easy to just trust, but trust and verify is great way to get peace of mind as well.

    • Making sure you are talking to the real person and not a scammer.
    • Making sure the information your date is sharing with you are correct. Starting a relationship on small lies is not ideal. 
    • Verifying the good moral character of your date.
    • Getting peace of mind by making sure everything is legit.
    • It is not wrong of verifying information before hand. 
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