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Is this a scam?

Is this a Scam?

This is a brand new service from ACM Investigations LLC. “Is this a Scam?” what a strange name to name a service provided by a investigation company! We came up with this from a very simple way. Each day we are getting dozen of emails asking us questions about possible scams, from car seller on Craiglist or Facebook Marketplace to love romance scams or simply little Instagram Scammers who try to take control of the victim’s account.

We don’t mind responding to those emails, as it is our job to help and we like doing it, but (you know a but was coming), those emails keep coming with add-on questions to learn more about it and almost want us to spend hours for free on those questions. We would love to do it, but sadly, we don’t have the free time to spare and we need to make our time valuable too. 

“Is this a Scam?” is the perfect service for that! For one payment of $89, you (or someone you love if you want to make it as a gift) will be able to ask us any questions about scams, just random questions to learn about how it works, to scams that you or they might by experiencing at the moment. You will be assured an answer in a few hours any day of the week. 

It might look or feel like a strange service to provide, but we think it might help a lot of people. You might be aware of current scams, but what about your extended family? What about your parents, or grandparents? Everyone is using internet, receiving text messages or simply getting stranger on their driveways trying to sell them pin straw. If this service is not for you, maybe it can be a nice gift for someone else.

For $89, we will provide a lifetime scam email support (it’s pretty cheap when we think about it!) and we will also send by mail a little cheat sheet to recognize scam quickly. (Perfect for elderly people).

“Is this a Scam?”  is a new service that provide lifetime email scam support to our clients. For $89, we will answer all your questions and giving you advice on Scams. Perfect for you or for a gift.

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    Benefits of "Is this a Scam?":

    The list below is to show some benefits for using our “Is this a Scam?” service:

    • Ask all your questions about scams by email, without judgement and with total confidentiality.
    • Getting help in a few hours 7 days of the week.
    • Learning more about current trends of scammers and be prepared to protect yourself.
    • Joining a mailing list to be informed even if you don’t have questions to ask.
    • Helping people you cares about by gifting them our service. By request we will also mail you a cheat sheet to recognize scam quickly when they occur. 

    Questions you might have

    $89 because we didn’t want to charge an exorbitant amount of money for support, as we don’t know in advance how much this service is going to be used by our clients. We didn’t want to charge people per usage as we are still answering questions for free (to a certain degree). Yes, lifetime support mean just that. You pay once, it show us that you care enough about knowing more and learning about scams and how to prevent them that we are going to be more than happy to help you understand.

    You are correct. Everything can be found for free on the internet. You can be smarter than Harvard student by just watching Youtube videos. (I’m serious). But are you making the effort for it? It takes time to do it. Having our email saved in your phone, sending us a short email with your question and getting a personalized answer is much quicker and easier. This is why we see often the same questions asked over and over in boards. People don’t take the time to search first. You can find a list of some common scams on the Attorney General of Texas page as well.

    Yes you can, for free. But only once! We might also add some benefits in the future to it. So stay tuned!

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