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Seller / Buyer Identity Verification

Seller / Buyer Identity Verification

If you are using Facebook Marketplace, or other online marketplace, you know how it is. You find a great buy, contact the seller, but something sound fishy. You want to make sure he is legit and not a scammer hiding behind a fake account or even worst, hacked an account to scam. It’s a pretty large purchase, and you just want peace of mind before buying it. Our seller / buyer identity verification can be the right service for you. You just have to tell us the name and phone number of the seller, we will match our databases and let you know if the information are really connected to that person or not. We won’t share any additional information to protect the privacy of the seller / buyer, but we will confirm if what you have are really affiliated to that name. 

Most of the time, scammer will take an identity (real or not) and use a VOIP number to look more real. If you don’t have a phone number, we can also work with an email address or any other information you might have.

This service works also when you are selling something on marketplace. Sometimes, you want to make sure you have a real buyer on the other side of the deal and not a scammer trying to do a fake payment or fake check scam to you. We will verify the information you have and confirm or not if they are correct.

There is a huge amount of fake accounts on those marketplaces, as the company don’t really care, they mostly want a high user count. So it’s your duty to make sure you are safe and to get all the right tools on your side.

If you don’t use an online marketplace but simply do business by email or any other way, you can use this service as well.

When buying or selling online, it’s your duty to protect yourself. Our seller / buyer identity verification service is the perfect tool to help you reduce the risk.

Beware of Scammers on Facebook Marketplace

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A survey revealed that 1 in 6 respondents had been scammed on the Facebook Marketplace, it is approximately 17%. 

Facebook Maretplace scams

When selling or buying on Facebook Marketplace, be careful if you see something like that:

  • Buyer ask you to send the item before payment.
  • Deal is too good to be true.
  • Buyer is a bit to hurry to buy your item.
  • Fake rental property (and fake rental application)
  • Broken item instead of “like new”.
  • Buyer want to give you more money to cover insurance, shipping etc. 
  • Giveaways are usually scams as well. You are not winning that nice camper. Sorry.

Questions you might have

It takes usually a few hours to maximum a day to get your Seller / Buyer Identity Verification report. We are open seven days a week so your wait won’t be long.

We have to take time to do the research and we have to pay access to the databases we use. We charge the same price for our other service, Dating Identity Check. The process is similar and for a good search, it will take us approximately an hour.

No. We can only confirm is the person you are doing business with is who they say they are. We don’t know their moral character unfortunately. You will still have to be caution during your transaction and be on the lookout for red flags. 

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