VIN Check or License Plate / Tag Lookup

Looking for VIN or Tag (License Plate)? We can help you. If you have a valid reason, we will be able to provide you with the owner of a vehicle most of the time.

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Small Business Online Protection Package

Small Business Online Protection Package is a suite of tools to help your small business fight against fraud and scams that you may encounter online.

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Small Business Activity Check

SBAC is a service provided by ACM Investigations LLC, and consist in a monthly visit of your Small Business by one of our trained investigator.

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Reverse Phone / Email Lookup

Having a doubt about your new “Internet Friend” we will clarify this by providing you with the name and address connected to the Phone provided.

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Real Estate Search

Wonder no more! Give us a couple of names and we will be able to pull out detailed report of ownership for various type of properties nationwide.

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Drone Surveillance

The use of Drone can be made during cases of covert surveillance, workers’ comp. fraud, child custody cases and plenty of other circumstances.

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True Identity Check

Ture Identity Check provides you with confidence and peace of mind about who the person on the other side of the screen is, and in the case of deceit, to help you learn the reality of a situation.

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Enhanced Background Check

We will provide you with a fully complete and comprehensive report on the subject to give you a 360 degree view on helping you make the right decisions about somebody.

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GPS Tracking

A GPS Tracking Device is an extremely useful tool that can be deployed in cases such as Infidelity surveillance or a disobedient teenager.

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Injury / Workers’ Comp. Surveillance

Have you been in a car accident and the second party was fine at the time of the accident, they are now asking for huge sums of money for “injuries”? Get a lawyer first. Tell him to call us immediately. We can help.

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Runaway Kids & Teens

When working runaway cases, a Private Investigator usually comes in mind after the police were not able to get any leads and you want to get a different perspective on something.

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Missing Person

Are you looking for a missing person? A close friend or family member who left without leaving an address? Or simply want to connect with an old friend from middle school? We can help you will all those cases.

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Infidelity Surveillance

The process is simple, you explain to us your problems or concerns, you give us the pieces of information or doubts that you have, we then put everything together and start surveillance.

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Child Custody Investigations

In some cases, a parent may also be falsely accused of abusing or negligent over a child, a private investigator can help you show the falsity of those allegations.

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Covert Surveillance

For us, covert surveillance means analyzing the case, knowing the surroundings around the subject’s locations, and finding the best course of action to complete successful surveillance.

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