Drone Surveillance

ACM Investigations LLC is pleased to provide its clients with Drone Surveillance (Quadcopter).

Drone Surveillance can be pretty useful for large manufactures or farm field. We provide daytime, nighttime and thermal surveillance.

Our drone pilot is fully licensed and certified to operate by the FAA.

Drone Surveillance can also be used for the secluded area where a surveillance vehicle wouldn’t be able to go. Our drones provide 4K quality videos and high definition photos.

The use of Drone can be made during cases of covert surveillance, workers’ comp. fraud, child custody cases and plenty of other circumstances.

Reasons to use Drone Surveillance?

  • If the subject lives in a secluded area.

  • To do surveillance on a moving subject inside a large open field.

  • If the subject can’t be seen from the road. (large fence etc…)

Drone Surveillance

Drone Surveillance South Dakota

Drone Surveillance starts at $75 per hour and can be added to any surveillance.

You can’t. There is a lot of FAA regulations, and we follow them. No exception.

how can we help you?

Contact us at the ACM Investigations LLC office nearest to you or submit an inquiry online.

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