GPS Tracking

The use of a GPS Tracking Device is heavily regulated. ACM Investigations LLC will only use a Tracking Device on a vehicle registered to the client’s name (or Business).

A GPS Tracking Device is an extremely useful tool that can be deployed in cases such as Infidelity surveillance or a disobedient teenager.

Also, instead of having one or two investigators doing surveillance for multiple hours, one investigator can track multiple subjects at the same time from his computer. Our GPS Tracking Devices record the coordinates, speed, time and can even record the driving and braking habits of the driver (if requested).

While conducting a review of an itinerary, and we discover some suspicious locations or stops, we will start covert surveillance and provide the client with photos or videos of the events.

GPS Tracking surveillance is a more affordable way to do an investigation and will still provide some great results.

Reasons to use a GPS Tracking Device?

  • To make sure of your spouse’s daily routine.

  • To monitor your employees who drive a company vehicle.

  • To make sure your teenager is where they are supposed to be.

  • If you let friends drive your car and want to make sure they respect the vehicle.

GPS Tracking Device

GPS Tracking device

Our GPS Tracking Devices are equipped with extended batteries and can last up to two weeks (Depending on the driving habits of the subject).

You can, if the vehicle she is using is registered in your name.

We do not provide rental tracking devices.

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