Romance Scam Shield

Romance Scam Shield

Romance Scam Shield is a service provided exclusively by ACM Investigations with the finality of providing a thorough report about a person’s identity. This report is the foundational part of a more thorough background check, and it can be used to gain confidence about the person on the other side of the screen while embarking on online dating or by employers to check an applicant’s basic information.

Insight Look

The motives behind why someone would need to run a true identity check are very personal. Therefore, we take a very humane approach to delivering Romance Scam Shield reports, which are carried out by someone from our team of private investigators. This means that the Romance Scam Shield service is held by a person, and not done through an automated system.        

The Report

To provide a complete report, ACM runs a background check through various databases and uses facial recognition, among other techniques, to dig deep. As a part of your service, you will receive a one-page report with ACM’s findings. 

In order for ACM to carry out the report, the client needs to provide all of the basic information they have on the person they need to have investigated, from date of birth to marital status. The Romance Scam Shield report will expose if the data you have been given is accurate or not. 

While ACM aims for the report to be as detailed and complete as possible, we do not participate in the violation of personal information and will not share the subject’s personal information within the report, such as SSN, address, etc., regardless of the findings. 

The aim of the report is to confirm the information you have been given, provide you with confidence and peace of mind about who the person on the other side of the screen is, and in the case of deceit, to help you learn the reality of a situation. 

The Romance Scam Shield report can be acquired by anyone for a flat fee of $189 nationwide. 

Reasons to get a Romance Scam Shield Report?

  • To make sure of someone’s identity.

  • To match or confirm some information that you have on someone (ex.: DOB, SSN, Address, Email, Phone etc.)

  • To know if that person has a criminal history.

  • To get peace of mind about a loved one new partner.
  • To make sure that person is not already married somewhere else.

  • To confirm you are not a victim of a Scammer or Hacker.

Romance Scam Shield

True Identity Check

It is a flat price of $189. You will get a comprehensive report on one person.

To get a more detailed report, we suggest you take our Enhanced Background Check which starts at $295

The processing time is usually less than 48 hours.

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