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Student Loan Scams are not new at all, but with the recent news of the Biden Administration to forgive some loans, they back on the rise, and already updated!

We all received tons of phone calls of text messages concerning forgiveness for our student loans and we got used to them, because, let’s be honest, they weren’t very useful for us at that time! But now, we know that, for some people, they have an opportunity to get some relief with their student loans. 

The last student loan scam voicemail we got was exactly that, talking about the Biden-Harris administration’s student debt relief plan and how to processed. 

We don’t need to write to much on that in this article, but just wanted to share some links on what to do if, you have some student loans and want to learn more about your options.

  1. Do not reply to text messages or phone calls telling you they can help you with student loans. They are probably a scam and you don’t need that.
  2. Go visit the FederalStudentAid website where they explain you everything you have to do to get a break and how to move forward with your application. 
  3. Go on the U.S. Department of Education website and subscribe to the newsletter (The one on top of the list “NEW?? Federal Student Loan Borrower Updates” is what you need).
  4. If you click on some websites or visit some websites about options, make sure they are all in .gov.

If your received an email, phone call or text message for student loan relief and you’re not sure if it is legit or not, feel free to contact us. 

If you want to learn more about scams and to be able to contact us at any time and asking us all the questions you may have about scams, sign up to our service “Is This a Scam?“, cost is $89 for a lifetime use and we will be on your side to answer all your questions.

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