ACM Investigations LLC

Going through a divorce or having family issues is not an easy time for anyone. It can be logical to use the services of a lawyer to guide you through the steps of a divorce, but sometimes, requesting the help of a respectable Private Investigator can be beneficial as well.

Why should I hire a Private Investigator?

Hiring a Private Investigator can seem odd when going through a divorce, but a good P.I. working hand in hand with a family law firm can be the key to build a stronger case in front of the Court. The Court will only accept legally obtained information, and this is exactly what an experienced Private Investigation Firm can provide you.

ACM Investigations LLC can help you with the services below as well:

  • Infidelity Investigation
    A cheating spouse is probably not going to admit his/her affairs. Having a private investigator confirm your suspicions with a discreet investigation will work in your favor.
  • Background Checks
    A divorce can be the right time to run background checks on the people living around your family. To protect your children or to simply having a peace of mind, a Private Investigation Firm will provide you with accurate and pertinent information.
  • Abuse Investigations
    If you suspect or want to make sure that none of your loved ones are a victim of abuse or is being neglected, a Private Investigator can gather information and monitor interaction to validate possible abuse or neglect.
  • Covert Surveillance
    You can’t follow your spouse 24/7, but we can. Having a Private Investigator do a covert surveillance can provide you with a lot of information that you would never think of. A lot of people have a secret life, and we will expose it to you.
  • Online Surveillance
    More and more people are using their smartphones and the Internet to get away from their daily routine. Sexting or Online Dating is more and more frequent these days. We can uncover the secrets that your spouse is hiding online.

Not all divorce cases will require the work of a reputable Private Investigator, but don’t be ashamed to use one to protect yourself.

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