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“The package is on hold due to the incorrect zip code you have saved, please update your address:” Theses text messages scams are not new at all, but I feel like it was a little off radar during the last few months. We are now in September (in a few hours) and with Black Friday and Christmas coming, i’m sure we will start seeing a few more variants of this text message scams. 

The concept is pretty simple, you are waiting a package (like everyone of us, thank you Jeff…) and you suddenly get a text message telling you to update your address because they cannot deliver your package. This is a SCAM and you should not respond (not even to say “F*ck you scammer” as this will only show them that this number is active), just delete the message. Also, you never click on a link from any text messages or emails that you are not 100% sure of the sender. Take the time to open your internet browser, type the URL yourself and then look around until you find what you need. 

But back to this message, if you click on the link, as you received it at 2AM and you’re half asleep, you will find a fake website asking for more information, it can be your name, age, address, email and more or it can ask you to pay a little fee (like $1) to cover the administration fee or insurance, as you want to make sure to get your package. The only thing this will do, is give your credit card information to the scammers. You don’t want to do that. 

One thing I had to learn, is to not use my phone when i’m half asleep (late at night or early in the morning), you are not totally 100% in your head and it’s very easy to do a mistake. The other thing is, like I said earlier, to never ever click on a link if you are not 100% of the sender. You need to get that as your rule. Don’t do it.

Now, if you are worry about your package being missing, go to the sender website and check for the tracking number (or look into your emails), then visit the shipping company website, and go track your package there. If they need more information, you will see a notification. We are in 2022, most of the addresses in the United States are coded and listed, it would be very very difficult for a system to have a wrong zip code connected to an address.

If you received messages like that and want to learn more how that kind of scams works, visit “Is this a Scam?” and ask us all the questions you might have. 

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Adam Smith
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