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While on Reddit this evening, I came across a post of someone scammed after sending some nudes (with their face showing) to some stranger on Snapchat. After doing so, of course, the scammers asked for some money otherwise they were going to send those pictures to that person contacts, friends and family. A classic Snapchat Sex Scam.

Unfortunately,  that person did send some money, thinking they would stop. You know what? They are asking for more money now, and they are even giving that person some delay to find the money (How nice!).

So I just wanted to write this post to warn you of a few things. First of all, please, stop sending nudes to strangers online. If you don’t have an OnlyFans and if this is not your job, don’t do it. It’s so easy to save a picture and share it with the world in 2022 that it is really not worth it. Even if you trust the person, you never know what can happen (they can share their phone for a minute with a friend and that friend can do something) etc. Just don’t.

If you didn’t follow the first step, and sent pictures and now that contact try to scam you for more pictures, or money or anything else, just block them. It’s the easiest thing to do. They might have other accounts and try to contact you again, block them again. It’s difficult to have a conversation if one party is not responding. They will stop and move to the next victim.

Do not send any money. I repeat, do not sent any money. They will ask for more as they know that you already send some one time. If they don’t want money but just more pictures, don’t do it as well. 

Don’t be ashamed. We all make mistakes, if people are judging you, just move on. They probably made worst mistakes than that and just want to give you some guilt. You’ve done a mistake, you paid the price now, you don’t need to worry about what your friends or family might say or do. They have probably done worst.

Take a break from Snapchat for a few days or weeks. It won’t hurt yourself to take a break, just focus on yourself and try to learn and understand how you did that mistake. 

Don’t do anything under stress, try to calm down, take a deep breath and at the end of the days, it’s just nudes. No body cares about them anymore. 

We provide two services that might help you if you are in the same situation, the first one “Is This a Scam?” it’s having the opportunity to contact us anytime and asking us any questions about scams or fraud. Can be good for yourself or a gift to a loved one. The second service would be our Dating Identity Check, if you want to meet someone from one of those apps or websites, give us some of the information you have and we will tell you if they are real or not. 

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